Having a beautiful smile is one of the effective factors for a person to have confidence in himself and to achieve a successful relationship in both his social and business life. While expressing himself in public, it provides self-confidence without any physical reservations. Considering that the shaping of the social relationship, that is, the people in front of us having an opinion about us, takes place within the first few seconds, we understand how important the external appearance is. The most important complement of our appearance is a beautiful smile, and the secret of a beautiful smile is beautiful teeth. It should not be acceptable to let a factor that can have such an impact on our lives be let go.

To have an aesthetic smile, the teeth should be proportioned within themselves, the teeth should have a clean and bright appearance and attractive color, the levels of the gums should be regulated and even the discoloration on the gums should be corrected. In short, it may be necessary to go through many different processes in order to have an aesthetic smile.



What is done in Aesthetic Dentistry?

At Ser&Em Dental Clinic, our physicians evaluate each individual within themselves with their years of experience and perform a unique study for each individual's physical structure, and arrange a correct smile. This smile is different for each individual, so it is not a standard, it is a painting that belongs to everyone and reflects you.

In aesthetic dentistry, the priority is to evaluate the condition of the existing teeth, and then to apply the necessary filling and periodontal treatments. Afterwards, the tooth color is drawn to the desired point. While the whitening process sometimes covers a single tooth, sometimes all teeth, it can sometimes cover a wide area as internally whitening a tooth that has grayed after root canal treatment.

After the teeth and gums regain their health, the gums are leveled and the soft tissues that may cause health problems are arranged (frennectomy, shortening of the muscles connecting the lips and cheeks to the palate).

Afterwards, factors such as position differences, deficiencies, length or shortness of the teeth are evaluated.

All possibilities, from orthodontic treatments to prosthetic applications, are evaluated in order to eliminate the differences.

If it is decided to apply the prosthesis, the appropriate material and the appropriate treatment plan are determined, and then the treatment is started. To summarize briefly:

Treatments Offered for Dental Aesthetics

1) Ensuring oral and dental health

2) Shaping and leveling gingival soft tissues

3) Teeth Whitening 

4) Making Smile Design 

5) Hollywood Smile planning 

6) Planning of bridges or implants for missing teeth

7) Orthodontic treatment for crowding

8) If necessary, glass ceramic, zirconia or metal-supported ceramics is preferred for teeth.

9) Choosing a crown, laminate veneer, inlay, onlay or partial crown