Dental laser has a wide range of uses in dental field.

It has been used in dentistry for a long time and gain popularity day by day.

Thanks to the use of laser in dentistry, it becomes an ideal treatment as the bleeding caused by the classical surgical procedure and the pain after the operation are largely eliminated.

What are the usage of Laser in dentistry  ?

Usage of laser has an important roule in many fields of dentistry. Surgery, easthetic, therapeutic applications are only few of them.

The usage of Laser

The common field of laser application in dentistry is the recontouring the soft tissue. Ease of bleeding control and short healing time are the application avantage.

1- Recontouring the Gingival Gum

Laser dentistry has the ability to correct gummy smiles. At Ser&em Dental Clinic we use lasers to reshape the gums into a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

By the use of laser in periodontal surgery, the regulation of excessive gingival appearance, which causes the person to smile with social confidence, is performed quickly. 

As an Ser&Em Dental Clinic, we use laser in many periodontal surgical procedures to achieve faster aesthetic results.

2- Neurologic Healing

To eliminate the partial paralysis that casued from nerve damage during surgical extraction.

3- The Relief Dental Sensitivity

The application of laser on sensitive tooth decrease the heat and cold sensitivity. 

4- Acceleration of Healing Through Cell Stimulation

There are a lot of data on this subject in literature, and the manuscript proves that the laser application stimulate the cells and improve the healing process and time.

The Advantage of Laser

  • No need to suture
  • No more bleeding
  • Some procedures need no anesthesia 
  • Ease of application on treatments that require precision