First impressions have a lot to do with smile. And if you are not confident about it, you might constantly find ways to avoid using it. But, what if we tell you that such a need might won’t arrive. Fortunately, Digital Smile Design today have made it possible for you to create a smile that you will love to flash every now and then.

With technologies like Digital Smile Design (DSD) at Ser&em Dental Clinic, you can also witness the potential smile you could achieve before even committing to any kind of dental treatment plans.

Speaking of Digital Smile Design, a form of artificial intelligence, it has taken the world of Aesthetic Dentistry by storm. Being a high-tech procedure, it allows dental practices to be far more efficient and predictable.

What Is Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design refers to a technical tool that incorporates the use of CAD and CAM technologies to revamp the look of your smile. It gives the patient a visual idea of how their smile can look by presenting before them a digital mockup before the treatment physically begins.  Not only does it gives the patient an idea, but also a better perspective to the dentist about what must be done for accurate results.

This a very important practice for us at Ser&em Dental Clinic since, we are deeply dedicated to providing our patients satisfactory results by making sure they get to have the smile of their dreams. Digital Smile Designs simplifies the process for us and allows us to give our patients a smile they feel confident to flash.

This brings us to the second point, which is communication between your dentist and you. This tool makes communication a breeeze as instead of relying on hope, our experts at Ser&em Dental Clinic can show you your future smile. This gives you the opportunity to make comments or recommend any changes or modifications you feel will give you a better smile.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, our highly well-trained Digital Smile Design providers at Ser&em Dental Clinic  capture photographs using an intraoral scanner, connected to Digital Smile Design software.  We make sure that the inside of your mouth is clealy captured.

Next up we use a camera to compile a set of videos and pictures of your face from various angles and under several facial expressions. This is to analyze the overall look of your smile to evaluate the way your gums interact with your lips and teeth.

Subsequently, 3D models can be crafted to predict the look of the smile without having you undergoing any invasive procedure. Once there is a mock-up, the treatment can commence.

Digital Smile Design and Hollywood Smile

At Ser&em Dental Clinic, we perform Digital Smile Design before putting The Hollywood Smile procedure in action. This is to evaluate and rehearse the potential, modified look of the patent’s smile for an accurate final outcome.

Will the proposed modification to your smile befit your facial features? Does it look natural? Is it in alignment with the patient’s demands? All of these are crucial questions and something Digital Smile Design could address.

DSD VS. Digital Imaging

Digital imaging is common across dental clinics but in essence it doesn’t provide the same predictability as DSD. It doesn’t visually communicate the outcome to patients in the same degree. Likewise, it doesn’t take into considerations the smallest details of your smile or its relationship with your facial features.

To sum up, it lacks clarity in comparison to Digital Smile Design.

Frequent Asked Questions

Who Can Opt For Digital Smile Design?

Any individual who is looking to correct any defect that is stripping them off of their confidence when they smile. Or simply anyone who is invested in their dental health or wants to look a better version of themselves.

What Are The Benefits?

Digital Smile Design comes with several benefits. To begin with, it allows you to meet your individual needs by letting you enjoy a customizable approach.  This can build trust and confidence in the results that are to come ahead.

You won’t feel clueless as it will allow you to closely monitor the planning process and get involved with the technician alongside your dentist when it comes to engineering your desired smile. To put it precisely, you always get to have a say throughout the entire treatment. Knowing beforehand of what to expect can also put the patient’s mind at ease and give them something to look forward to.

Moreover, you and your dental experts will be on the same page. This, in turn, will save up time and lead to a less number appointments.

Is It Painful?

No, the Digital Smile Design is not at all painful since it only involves the taking of dental mould, videos, X-rays, intraoral scans and photographs. The patient is only asked to move the head or mouth during scanning or photographing for optimal results. This does not cause any pain or discomfort.

How Much Will It Cost?

Both the cost and duration of the process vary from patient to patient. It depends on the patient’s objective and therefore it is recommended that you book a consultation with us. After we have evaluated your needs and oral health,l we can discuss the pricing and length of the procedure.

How To Maintain The Results After Digital Smile Design?

Once the procedure is performed, make sure to practice good aftercare. This includes proper brushing and flossing twice a day. Make sure that the mouthwash you use is alcohol-free. Mouthwash bearing alcohol can cause serioud damage to the fillings in the long-term.

What Kind of Foods One Must Avoid?

We strongly recommend to avoid foods items that are high in sugar content to prevent cavities. In addition to this, it is also best to avoid snacking in between meals.and limit between-meal. You can also minimize damage and staining by avoiding wine, tea and coffee.  In general, do not consume alcohol in excessive amounts as it can harm the dental procedures.

Lastly, make sure you are going for regular follow-ups to your dentist.