Over time, teeth, for a variety of reasons, can get damaged. This can be because of tooth decay, injury or maybe just because of having use them for all this long. Resultantly, you teeth can end up losing their shape and size. This is where dental crowns come in!

They can be described as protective, tooth-shaped “caps” that are placed over your damaged tooth. This not only helps in restoring the shape, but also its strength and overall look.

Keep on reading to know the types of crowns we offer at Ser&em Dental Clinic.

Types of Dental Crowns

1- Stainless Steel

We recommend stainless steel dental crowns mainly to children who have undergone pulp therapy or root canals. They are done to restore primary teeth and are not meant to last long. In addition, if there is a need of a temporary crown as to protect the tooth before a permanent crown is placed, then we may use a stainless steel crown at Ser&em Dental Clinic.

2- Porcelain/Ceramic

Porcelain or ceramic crowns are considered the most durable in comparison to their counterparts. They also give the most authentic and natural results. Our dentists suggest these when our patients are not looking for a metallic look but desire the strength of a metal crown.

3- Zirconia

Zirconia crowns are becoming increasingly common due to the many advantages they offer. For one, zirconia is extremely durable and strong making them ideal for back teeth. Imagine the force your back teeth have to exert while they help you chew and break down the food! This is why zirconia dental crown is our first and foremost choice when it comes to the back teeth.

4- E-max

E-max crowns are becoming a global favorite for front or visible teeth. Made from porcelain, these crowns have a special design and composition that gives them the ability to transmit light just like natural teeth.

5- All-Resin

All-resin dental crowns are one of the most economical options available at Ser&em Dental Clinic. These can easily be matched to gel in with the surrounding teeth. Moreover, they do not require an extensive tooth preparation.

4- Metal-Infused Porcelain

Metal-infused porcelain crowns are an ideal alternative that falls between all-metal and all-porcelain crowns retaining benefits from either material.  Unlike metals, metal-infused porcelain can be color-matched to natural teeth.  So, basically you get a dental crown at Ser&em Dental Clinic that looks procelain, having strength that of a metal dental crown’s.

Dental crowns cost

The cost  is not standard. It depends on the material you opt for. However, in Turkey, you’ll find that the average cost of E-max dental crowns ranges between $300 to $400. Whereas zirconia crowns can cost anywhere between $210 to $310. As for porcelain crowns, the cost can range anywhere between $150 to $250. The range of cost is also  dependent  on what your insurance policy covers if you have one and whether or not there are any added dental procedures.

For an exact quote, book a consultation with us now and let’s discuss! During the consultation, our team of experts will determine if there is any additional treatment required. We also offer other dental services, such as dental implants and both partial and full dentures.

What Are CEREC Dental Crowns ?

CEREC dental crowns is a modern technology that allows you to get your ceramic crowns in one day. This technique is very high-tech and uses CAD and CAM for production. It relies on computer-assisted design and manufacturing to make your crowns on-premises.

These programs allow your dentist to take very precise impressions of your mouth for the best fitting.

Once all your information is on the system, using a 3D printer, your dentist prints out your personalized ceramic crown. At Ser&em Dental Clinic, this process takes a total of 15 minutes only. Give it another 15-20 minutes for your dentist to cement your crown. And voila! Your quickest dental crown in one visit.

One thing to remember is that if you have dental infections, your dentist will have to postpone your treatment. It’s imperative to treat underlying problems beforehand!

Benefits Of CEREC Dental Crowns

  • Instant placement of ceramic crowns,
  • Extremely natural appearance,
  • Very durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits of Dental Crowns?

It adds protection to brittle teeth by encasing them. In addition, it restores the function as well as the aesthetic appearance of damaged teeth

How Long Do they Last?

Dental crowns can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years depending on the material and how well you practice your aftercare. Make sure you brush and floss twice a day and avoid exerting pressure on your dental crowns by consuming hard foods.

Can Dental Crowns Be Replaced?

Fortunately, yes! Our dentist can easily replace a dental crown if it chips or breaks. You can also  ask for a replacement if you wish to opt for a different material than the existing one. We understand that patients may find that a certain material is uncomfortable, so we’re more than happy to help you change that material.

What Is the Best Dental Crown Material?

The best dental crown material varies as it depends on the position of the teeth. Back teeth typically do better with zirconia crowns as they can best handle the pressure that chewing cause. For front teeth, E-max crowns are the ideal option because they provide the most natural-looking results.

Why Are Dental Crowns Cheaper In Turkey?

Travelling to Turkey to get dental crowns is becoming popular because of the  pocket-friendly state-of-the-art facilities . As compared to UK or the USA, operations costs in Turkey are affordable. This includes both laboratory costs and dentist charges.

Can they Cause Health Problems?

It is generally a safe treatment with very limited side effects. One might face an allergic reaction to the material of the crown. A consultation session will take care of such issues beforehand. However, should such a case occurs, our dentists will be there to assist you.  Apart from this, dental crowns are absolutely harmless to your oral health.

Can Dental Crowns Be Whitened?

No, they can’t be whitened like natural teeth. This is because they don’t have pores through which bleaching materials can enter and remove stubborn stains. Therefore, it is impossible to whiten crowns or any dental prosthetics.

This is why our dentists at Ser&em Dental Clinic recommend to avoid excessive consumption of tea, wine, or coffee to prevent staining and practice good oral hygiene.

Do They Fall Out?

It is very uncommon for crowns to fall out, but not impossible. In case your crown falls off, you can store it somewhere until you can come to us for professional assistance.