Fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a protein found in the body, but as you getting older, the amount in the skin decreases and skin wrinkles begin. Filling materials moisturize the area and retain volumizing water. It is FDA approved and completely safe.

What is filler?

A filler is an injectable material that your technician injects at different depths. It can reverse wrinkles, prevent their appearance, add volume and enhance certain features. Applications around the face are versatile.

It is not permanent and only temporarily changes your skin and facial features. Since it is a naturally occurring material, the body breaks down after a while.

How Is Filling Used in Aesthetic Dentistry?

1- Adding Volume to the Lips

Hyaluronic acid is applied to the lip and increases the lip volume. In this way, aesthetic gains are obtained by changing the visible tooth size and gingival size.

2- Improving the Area Around Your Smile

Thanks to the fillers, the wrinkles around the lips are removed, the harmony of the lips and teeth on the smile is achieved and a younger appearance is obtained.