Immediate implant application is the placement of an implant in the extraction socket area after the extraction process.

It is supported in the literature that there is no difference in the osteointegration of the implant applied to the area that has completed its healing after extraction and the implant applied to the extraction area after extraction.

Considering that this application removes a second surgical procedure, the comfort it offers to the individual is undeniable, but the bone quality of the area where the extraction is performed and the purification of infection remain a sensitive point for the physician.

Instant implant is an application in dentistry that significantly shortens the treatment time. On average, the ossification of dental implants can take 3 to 6 months, and when this period is added to the recovery after tooth extraction, the process becomes longer. With immediate application, post-extraction recovery is not included in this process.

Under What Conditions Can It Be Done?

The area where immediate implant application will be made should be purified from infections caused by the tooth in that area. If this situation cannot be achieved, the dentist cleans this area after tooth extraction and then chooses to postpone the implant application to a later date.

Bone Graft Application

After the extraction, irregular bone structures or areas with extensive bone loss can be seen in that area. In this case, a bone graft is needed. In many cases, this situation can be resolved by transferring from one point to the required area in the mouth, while artificial bone grafts may be needed in cases of excessive bone loss.