Having an aesthetic smile is not possible only with prosthesis application. In the treatment plan, factors such as the shape and position of the teeth, as well as the color, shape, and edge thickness of the gingiva should be taken into account.

As Ser&em Dental Clinic, we define the wishes of our patients, draw out the treatment plan they need, and evaluate them as different branches.

Treatments to change the contours of the gingiva

Positioning the gingiva so that it is more on the tooth surface (Flap shifted to the coronal)

There are many different factors for receding gums. As a result of such a table, the visible parts of the teeth increase, while the color of the tooth in the anterior region is more yellow. Many people are uncomfortable with this situation. In the treatment, the current position of the gingiva is changed a little (within limits) and the tooth surface is closed. Although this can be done with different methods, one of the two most common methods is gingival transfer from a different part of the mouth and closing the open area by lengthening the gingiva in the recession area.

Gum Growth

This is the opposite of gum recession, making the tooth surface less visible by the gum. The first treatment is to find the cause and, if possible, permanently eliminate it. Existing gingival enlargement is treated by cutting the gingival tissue or reducing it in volume with laser application.
As Ser&em Dental Clinic, we treat gingival enlargements with various methods, from laser to surgery.

Gum Pigmentation

Making a comment that the freckles on our face are formed in the mouth is the simplest way of explaining. The pigmentation of your diet negatively affects a beautiful smile.
At Ser&em Dental Clinic, we use laser therapy to treat melanin that causes pigmentation around and on the gums by "evaporating" it.

Gummy Smile

This term represents a picture in which the gums appear more than the teeth as a result of the individual's smile, which is caused by the jaw and lip structure of the individual.

While this picture can create insecurity in the individual, hiding his smile is the most common way. However, its treatment is not impossible.

At Ser&em Dental Clinic, we apply up-to-date methods to treat gummy smiles. These are;


Prosthetic applications

Shaping the gingiva.